Field Science at the Cartier Queen's Cup Polo Final - 16 June 2013, The Guards Polo Club

The Cartier-sponsored Queen's Cup Polo Final was held once again at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor Great Park this year and both games were very close. In the morning Field Science's long-standing customer Les Lions Polo Team played against Talandracas Polo Team for the Cartier Trophy, the subsidiary final. It was a very close game ending at 10 all. However, the sudden death play off in extra time was won by Talandracas.
In the afternoon the Queen's Cup was contested between Field Science customer Zacara Polo Team and El Romanso Polo Team with Zacara the victors at 15 - 9. Most Valuable Player prize went to ten-goaler Facundo Pieres, who also scored eleven of Zacara's fifteen goals, although he seemed more delighted to receive the Best Playing Pony Award from HM The Queen for his horse Galatica whom he had played in two chukkas during the final.


The games were played on the Duke's Ground and the Queen's Ground, both of which are treated with Field Science tailored trace element dressings.

Below are a few photographs, which hopefully captured the action and spectacle of the event, taken by 17 year old Joshua Wanklyn, youngest son of one of the Field Science directors.