About Us

Field Science was formed in 2000 and became a limited company in 2002. The main focus at the outset was to improve animal welfare standards in UK livestock. The company was aware that agricultural soils had become so depleted of essential mineral nutrients that most animals lost condition and many would die without the minerals that had become essential dietary supplements. The principal causes were the intensification of agricultural production over the years, involving the use of more and more fertilisers and agrochemicals to produce bigger and bigger yields. This has resulted in soils all over the world being ‘sucked dry’ of mineral nutrients.

An entire mineral supplement industry had arisen to provide what Field Science saw as a “sticking plaster” solution to the problem, but our approach was different. All terrestrial life comes from the soil, so that is the logical place to start. We first analysed soils to determine their mineral status and then applied a tailored mineral mixture to that land to restore the balance and plant availability of all essential nutrients. This system has proved successful ever since and the process is still the basis of the business. Healthy soil produces healthy grass that in turn produces healthy animals. All flora and fauna that live on or from the land benefit from this approach. For example, all our anecdotal evidence indicates a significant reduction in the incidence of bovine TB where the land has been re-mineralised.

The next logical step was to improve the cereal and other forage crops farmers grew to feed back to their livestock. The methods used are different, but the principle is the same; to provide fully mineralised feed that promotes health, improves fertility and gives better growth rates and immunity to disease.

It was always disturbing to realise that we humans are top of the food chain and our food comes, directly or indirectly, from the same exhausted soils. We knew from the analysis of fruit and vegetables, that the nutritional quality of our food fell way short of desirable standards. Our next R&D projects were to see how we could improve the human diet by producing food of known quality and provenance. We have taken part in Defra/CCFRA and commercially funded trials and have succeeded in raising milling wheat selenium levels to better levels than those of Canadian wheats. For the past 4 years we have worked successfully with a major UK retailer to produce mineral-rich foods in the UK and Europe and, following successful trial work, we are now in full year-round production.

Field Science is a Bristol-based family business with technical sales agents situated throughout the UK and Ireland.