Tailored Mineral Dressings for Crops



Field Science mineral dressings restore the nutrient balance in a soil's profile to produce optimal crop growth, yield and resistance to disease, at the same time reducing the need for chemical fertilisers. It is the micronutrient (trace element) deficiencies that are usually the yield-limiting factor.

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Horticultural production usually involves excessive fertiliser usage in soils with significant trace element deficiencies. Field Science has the technology to create tailored mineral dressings to restore the nutrient availability in these soils producing healthier, more disease resistant plants with improved yields and a longer shelf life.

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Most organic land was farmed conventionally until comparatively recently. This means that previous intensification has damaged these soils by removing minerals at a greater rate than Nature can replace them. This leaves organic farmers with similar problems to their conventional brethren, but without recourse to "quick fix" remedies.

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Grassland supports the entire dairy, beef, sheep and equine industries and silage, hay and haylage are every bit as important as any other crop grown in the UK.
In the past, the problem has been one of over-familiarity; the grass grows most of the year round, has always been there, some years it makes good hay and silage, some years it doesn't.....

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