Camelids - Alpacas and Llamas

Llamas and alpacas have become fashionable in recent years and thousands have been successfully reared in the UK. As they originated in South America and have not been here long, they sometimes need more than our soils can offer them. The Field Science system can cater for any deficiencies they might suffer by applying a tailor-made trace element dressing to the grazing ground.
These types of animal have been profitable in the early years after introduction for those rearing breeding stock, but we are not sure about future profitability if they were reared solely for their specialist wools.

Camelids are excellent protectors of sheep with whom they identify and will kick predators to death; especially foxes and dogs! We are told that for this purpose you must use only a solitary camelid, otherwise they tend to concentrate on their other passions and leave the sheep to their fate!