Other Livestock

nitrogen in periodic table


With the exception of chicken, we eat more pork than any other meat. However, nearly 70% of pork products sold in the UK contain pork imported from EU countries whose rearing practices are.....

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phosphorus in periodic table


Horses are grazing animals (non-ruminant herbivores) and as such are designed to eat constantly. Their grass diet is low-energy and high fibre and the constant input ensures the gut.....

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potassium in periodic table


Production of housed chickens for meat is the preserve of large producers these days because of very tight margins (10-20 pence per bird), but there are possibilities for smaller producers of free-range.....

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calcium in periodic table


Llamas and alpacas have become fashionable in recent years and thousands have been successfully reared in the UK. As they originated in South America and have not been here long.....

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