Golf Courses

Field Science has been involved in the restoration of tees, greens and fairways since its inception in 2002. The very nature of a golf course is to be the victim of its own success. The better the course plays and looks, the more popular it becomes and the more wear and tear it has to endure! Divots out of par 3 tees that need to repair fast are a common request as are greens that need better drainage or improved grass coverage. Wear areas such as exits from greens, entrances to tees also need attention.

The Field Science system for golf courses provides a tailor-made dressing for each tee, fairway and green as required. Being tailor-made ensures that not only will the rootzone be minerally re-balanced but also the greenkeeper can order dressings for which ever tee or green is needed. Ideally on sand-based tees and greens the dressings should be applied on a monthly basis. Fairways, being soil-based, have a better level of nutrient retention and so dressings can be applied once a year.

The process starts with a free visit to the course. During this visit the Field Science representative will discuss the course history, fertiliser regime and take ‘soil’ samples for analysis. The dressings are granular and clearly labelled with course name, green/tee/fairway number, application rate and bag weight. The dressings can also incorporate tailored fertilisers (slow, medium or long term release available)

The Benefits of Field Science Tailor-made Dressings

Faster repairing sward
Improved natural drainage
Improved disease resistance (including ‘take-all’, fusarium, fairy rings, etc)
Harder wearing playing surface
Good long term green-up
Improved tillering
More resistant heavy traffic areas
Easier ground maintenance (less man-hours)