Pasture-Fed Livestock Association

Field Science Ltd is proud to be both a member and supplier to other members of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association.

Grassland forms such an important part of the British countryside. It is an iconic symbol of rural landscapes and we naturally think of it as being the principal food for cows, sheep and all other animals that graze our fields.

The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (PFLA) was formed in order to champion the virtues of pasture and to provide a distinct identity for livestock systems that are based purely and simply upon pasture.

Why “Pasture” rather than just “grassland”? Well that is because the diversity of plant species such as herbs and clovers that are found in well-established fields play a subtle but essential role in the nutrition of livestock and also in supporting a diverse range of complex wildlife networks. Plants such as chicory, for example, can help the digestion in ruminants and can significantly reduce the emission of Methane, which is a gas linked to potentially harmful climate change.

Pasture-Fed has a great story to tell: There are significant benefits to do with the quality of the produce and the welfare of the animals that graze pasture, all combined with a very positive environmental message.

In many ways, the PFLA's work is only just beginning, but already they can draw upon generations of good farming husbandry combined with some of the most up-to-date research that reinforces the virtues of animals and pasture working in harmony. They would love you to become part of this work by finding out more about Pasture-Fed and to become involved in shaping its future.

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